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Ford - O Chamado - Ford Focus


The Focus has safety
that increases the
pleasure of driving.
Don't try to resist.


The technology in
the Focus is an
invitation for the future.
Don't hold back.


The Focus has
performance that
awakens your senses.
Don't sleep on it.

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Controle Eletrônico de Estabilidade e Tração
The Ford Focus has several ways to win you over.
One of them is safety. Among other innovations, it has
AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, which prevents skidding
and keeps the car on the desired track. Safety for
you to enjoy every part of the way.

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Sync Media System

If you hear the Ford Focus calling you, do not be scared. The car really speaks. It has Sync Media System, which reads text messages and allows the driver to control the audio and some cellphone functions by voice commands. Another advantage is allowing you to control the car stereo through controls on the steering wheel. It couldn’t be more futuristic.

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If the night is an invitation to drive, the Ford Focus is a call to be a pilot. Equipped with 1.6 Sigma TiVCT Flex engine with 135 hp. and 2.0 Direct Flex with 178 hp, you will want to conquer the streets listening to nothing but the roar of the engine. The city is asleep. Do not resist it.

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Driving becomes more pleasurable when you know
you're in good hands. In the Ford Focus you feel like this.
It is equipped with up to 6 air bags, plus a system of
Post-Crash Alert, which automatically activates
the horn and emergency lights in case of collision.
You've never seen so much innovation in a car.

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Parking Sensor

With a machine like that, the last thing you want is to park. We understand it. But, if by chance you decide to stop driving for a while, it is important to know that the Ford Focus has parking sensor with audible and graphic warning.

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5 Stars Safety

The Ford Focus earned the highest grade that the
Latin NCAP has ever registered among all car models tested
by the institute. The vehicle got 5 stars in the category
“adult protection” and 4 stars in “children protection” due to
its reinforced structure, composed with high strength steels.
If there was any chance that you could resist the calling, it is gone now.

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Speed Limiter

Who doesn’t think of accelerating with a Ford Focus in hand? But, in order not to exaggerate, count on the Speed Limiter. You set a maximum speed and the vehicle will not let you overtake it.

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PowerShift Transmission

No, it is not an impression. The Ford Focus is really teasing you. Answer the call and discover the pleasure of driving with the Sequential PowerShift Transmission with 6 speeds. It shifts from first to the sixth gear and you barely notice it. You’ll just feel the wind in your face. Let the technology seduce you.

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Hill Launch Assist

When you have a Ford Focus, you only experience the good part
of driving. It makes pulling uphill easier, because it is equipped
with Hill Launch Assist, a technology that keeps the car still
for 3 seconds after you have released the brake pedal, preventing the
vehicle to go back. This system also works in reverse maneuvers. Do you get now why so many people are dreaming about the Ford Focus?

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It's dark out there. Even though, the design of
the Ford Focus captures your attention. But it’s
not only a "pretty face". The car fluid forms favor the aerodynamics, while the striking lines potentiate the sportiness. That is innovation working in favor
of a better performance.
What about accelerating it to take the test?

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The Ford Focus is a car with attitude. Besides calling you to go for a ride, he practically drives itself. That is because the autopilot maintains a preset speed, so you can relax by taking your foot off the accelerator. And, at the slightest touch on the brakes, the device automatically turns off, allowing you to change
the speed of the car.

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